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If you play with the snake..

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

This is a video from my youtube page. Just a daily story or idea for you to think about throughout your day and take the lesson to apply it to the things in your life that may be holding you back.

If you play with the snake and get bit don’t blame the snake

"If you play with the snake and get bit don’t blame the snake.”

Here are gems to taking responsibility.

1. Perspective - We are the cause of every effect. Find the moment where if you changed that one action then the whole situation could have been different.

2. Ownership - Don’t be so quick to blame others for what happened. You have the POWER to change your feelings, attitude, emotions, and outcome by finding your fault in the situation.

3. Patience - You are not going to weed out every snake but by reflecting on previous experiences you will gain insight on what not to do next time

4. Fortitude - Even when the snake bites you must regain the courage to find your fault, review the lesson, and launch yourself past the next mistake.

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