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You know why I do these Videos

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

You know why I do these videos

(The hard way out)

Had to drop the video first because this was such a strong message that can make you think about what you have chosen in your life.

These videos, this mission, this vision is birthed from a place of loneliness, confusion, and wanting to layout a blueprint for people who want to get out of the streetlife mentality but have no clue on how to start the change.

Hopefully, as I continue to keep learning, growing, and applying this knowledge that I can build a stairway or ladder for the rest of us. None of this is easy but it is simple. The simplicity of it is, is to push through it even when you don’t feel like doing it, and that my friends is the true definition of discipline.

Discipline + Consistency = Dedication

Keep growing and I hope this helped you get a step closer to your decision. If you enjoyed this video please follow, subscribe, or drop an email just to show some support. We really appreciate you.

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